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freelance writing & creative by WALLACE MORGAN

helping teams build meaningful connection and engagement with their audience through authentic, creative and effective storytelling


Author of NOISE DAO's weekly newsletter HIGH FREQUENCY. Contributing writer for Mindbodygreen, Rolling Stone, Alt Citizen, among others. Editor and publisher of MOXI MAG 2017-2019.

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Featuring interviews with Jasmine Archie, Alice Bell, Holly Williams, and collaborations with Andrew Gallivan, Claire Brandon, Mamie Heldman 


Event Production & Partnerships 

MOXI MANAGEMENT operated as an Artist Management, Marketing, and Media company from 2017-2019, facilitating events in partnership with SOHO House, Andrew Gallivan, Delta Vintage, Antler & Woods, Alice Bell, Misty Mtn, Women that Rock, and Homesick, among others.

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Events & Partnerships


Artist bios, ads, newsletters, web copy for Republic Records, Arista Records, Atlantic Records, among others.



Artist bio for Arista Records

The 24-year-old may have won the TikTok lottery, but he’s playing the long game. And he’s playing for keeps. “I’m gonna be a problem,” says the 6’7 singer with a smile, who carries himself with as much charisma as stature. “I love everything that’s happening. But this is not a one song thing, this is a 10 album thing. I’m half way through the second album as far as the songwriting goes.” 



Artist bio for Atlantic Records

Watch out. There’s a new bad bitch in town. 19-year-old Australian singer-songwriter Mia Rodriguez is a force to be reckoned with her unapologetic attitude, unwavering ambition, infectious dark-pop sound, and trendsetting personal style. Having cultivated a fervent fanbase on social media with over 2M Tik Tok followers, Mia is making waves as the next global pop act to break out of Sydney, Australia. 



Artist bio for Arista Records

A welcomed ambassador for her culture and gender, AUDREY NUNA hangs her hat on the value of her work first while embracing the responsibility of representing Korean-Americans and women in mainstream culture.

“I want to bring an Asian-American face into mainstream culture while keeping things centered on the work and providing excellence consistently,” says Audrey.

Additional biographies for MIKA, Conan Gray, Benee, Ant Saunders, JP Saxe, yungbae, Upsahl, Greyson Chance, Kenny Hoopla, Dennis Lloyd, Sara Barrios, Julian Lamadrid, Sophia Messa, Mondo Cozmo, Tayo Sound, among others.

Ad copy for Ariana Grande.

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Newsletter copy for Chris Leamy, Misty Mtn, MOXI MAG, among others. 


Public Relations Copy 

Press releases and announcements for Anna Clendening, GoldKimono, Richie Quake, Maude Latour, Esterly, Misty Mtn, Myylo, among others.

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Additional press releases and announcements for Jaguar Dreams, Bump To Baby, Mint Music Group, Lackhoney, Kat Saul, Kristin Collins, among others.

Social Media, Blog Copy, & Personal Essays 

Social media, personal blogging, music blogging, entries, commentary, and poetry 

Personal Essays on Substack - 2023 

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Personal Blog - 2020

Music Blogging 2013-2016

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Music & Video Production 

Songwriting & recording, video direction & production, creative direction & styling 


About Wallace 

Growing up in the heart of songwriting in Nashville, Tennessee with a mother whose love of literature and early career as a journalist and ad writer ignited my curiosities - I became engrossed in the world of words in my early Polly Pocket diary days. Poems, short stories, essays, songs, journal entries - I was always writing something. 

It was then a teenage obsession with the movie ‘Almost Famous’ that sent me on a fever dog quest to New York City to write for Rolling Stone leading me into the belly of the beast - the music industry. Starting with a job at Republic Records in PR and marketing, I then dove into the open waters of independent artist management starting MOXI MANAGEMENT and MOXI MAG in 2017 eventually landing in Los Angeles to find my way as a freelance writer, creative and musical artist. 

With a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Georgia and an obsession with better understanding and expressing the human experience, I seek growth, connection, authenticity and impact in my work. 


I prefer yellow caliber legal pads now - but the daily diary scribblings remain.


p: 615-474-4971

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