After being misdiagnosed with a terminal disease three years ago, New York-based rock singer-songwriter Chris Leamy developed a debilitating case of OCD. Struggling to get through even the most basic daily routines, Chris found a saving grace in a surprising group of people - the homeless community.


Chris now spearheads a life-changing humanitarian campaign called "He Plays For Me" - an effort to share music with the homeless community in order to build meaningful human relationships and help change lives in a sustainable and genuine way.


Through the simple act of playing music with the homeless and sharing their stories on social media, Chris has seen that small acts of kindness CAN change lives. The #heplaysforme movement has garnered national and international attention with Chris having been featured on media outlets like NowThis (11M views), CNN, CBS This Morning, FOX, Huffington Post, and more.


"I assumed these people needed MY help, and it was actually the opposite. In trying to serve others, I received 10 times that help in return,” says Chris.


His current single “Great Mistakes,” chronicles this change in perspective. A powerful, soul driven rock anthem reflecting the heart behind the movement. Chris' sound combines soulful vocals, alt rock soundscapes, and powerfully authentic lyrics to create a unique blend of gospel infused rock.


Despite having a full-time job on Wall Street and working as a professional musician writing, recording and performing his music, Chris Leamy still finds time weekly to sit with homeless individuals or advocate on their behalf in an effort to share their stories and empower their futures. Chris’ message is simple - it’s all about perspective.


In the Spring of 2018, Chris set out on his Heplayforme Tour playing traditional shows at each stop while also partnering with like-minded local organizations within the community.


The first leg stopped in Nashville, Chicago, and New York where Chris partnered with Leesa Mattresses, Room In The Inn, The Bowery Mission, Lake County Pads, and The Centennial Choir.


The Heplaysforme Tour Video Series, rolling out now, chronicles this endeavor. Watch now HERE. 

SEE CHRIS LIVE:  Mercury Lounge July 12 

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Over the last three years of doing #heplaysforme, I have seen the impact of SMALL acts of kindness and the amazing things that came from them. Most of the time, I was just a witness.  Be it Miguel, who got himself off the street (with your help) , to Hassan who reconnected with his family, to all the generous donations and kind messages. It really has been an honor to watch. Before this project, I completely misjudged the homeless population and those within it. Bad luck and unfortunate circumstance can be incredibly cruel, and it is impossible to know the burdens that others carry. I owe it to the homeless community for teaching me not to be so critical of those around me, homeless or not. It has been a blessing in all facets of my life.

I have been thinking really hard about WHAT'S NEXT for this project?

I think it’s time to take it on the road.

There are others struggling in cities all over the US, and there are other great organizations trying to help. I think it's time I got to know a few of them.  

The goal of the #heplaysforme tour will be to make an impact in each and every city we visit. I've gotten a lot of messages saying “WHEN ARE YOU PLAYING SHOWS?” Before now, I have focused solely on HPFM and writing new music. I think it’s time to COMBINE the two. We will be spending 2-3 days in each city getting to know the community and figuring out the best way to make an impact. We will finish each visit with A FULL BAND SHOW. I get heartwarming emails from people all over the world, telling me the impact they are making in their communities after seeing this project. I am consistently astonished by how GOOD people can be to each other. The small things you are doing, are adding up! We’ll  being visiting several cities, I would love the opportunity to give all of you a hug and thank you in person for the amazing support. Looking forward to this next phase.  


- Chris



"Don’t sleep on Haley Vassar because this is a pop star on the rise" 

- 97.1 AMP Radio , BAE Show LA