"Don’t sleep on Haley Vassar because this is a pop star on the rise" 

- 97.1 AMP Radio , BAE Show LA

Besides the week in 2005 when Disney's "Ice Princess" came out on DVD and she considered a vocation in ice skating, singer-songwriter Kat Saul has always been destined for a career in music.


Learning to play guitar and piano at age five, starting to write her own songs at age 13, and participating in professional writing sessions by the time she was 15, Kat Saul is a pop artist who knows her craft. Now she is making waves with her electric live performances and powerhouse songwriting sporting catchy urban pop melodies and sparkling top 40 production. Influenced by female writer-performers like Lorde, Gwen Stefani and Sia, Saul’s quirky imagery and unapologetic attitude makes her one of the most exciting new artists coming from Nashville’s emerging pop scene. As a writer her music is finding its way into publishings' most competitive camps and pitch meetings, and as a performer her energy lights up whatever stage she takes. She has been named Nashville Songwriters Association International's "Ones To Watch” and was recently CMT’s 2018 songwriting competition first runner-up.


Kat’s upcoming single “Jericho,” is “a definite max out the volume sing along,” according to Nashville's Native Magazine. Stream and download “Jericho” June 13. 

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"What's different about Saul is that people are paying attention to what she has to say, or in her case, sing..."   - Mike Organ, The Tennessean

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