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  • Wallace Morgan

Kat Saul "Unit 408" Release Recap

It's hard to get more personal than writing a song entitled the name of your own apartment number. And even if the concept seems applicable, writing a hook using the exact digits takes a certain level of melodic intuition that is hard to come by.

But for MOXI artist Kat Saul, in her latest effort titled "Unit 408" - the number of her actual apartment number in Nashville - the delivery feels effortless. With help from local producer Lucas Arens and writer Megan Redmond, Kat showcases her ability to a deliver a smart, left-of-center pop song that remains poignantly relatable and authentic.

Just one week after its release on Oct 24, "Unit 408" is already gaining traction with over 15,000 Spotify streams and an addition to local radio station's Lightning 100 DJ picks of the week.

FEMME RIOT writes, "One listen to “Unit 408” and you’ll be humming the song to yourself the rest of the day and you’ll be hooked on Kat’s musical style begging for more."

And The New Nine adds, "Her experience writing for others has made her a master of her craft. She writes hooks that will cycle through your head all day, but it’s the little lines in between that showcase how talented she really is."

What's more, the love from friends and fans alike has been contagious and continual - don't think we've ever seen the term "BOP" used so many times via IG story tags :)

On release day, Kat performed an acoustic rendition of the song with help from Nashville guitarist Ryan Hoffman live from the Spotify Secret Genius Studios as part of the Electronic Music Writer's Retreat she participated in that week. The writing camp was put on by Kristin Wright and Joey Russ and featured some of pop and EDM's hottest producers and writers such as Vicetone, Prince Fox, and Spazz Cardigan. Watch below.

Kat then hosted a group of young pop writers and producers for the single release party at her apartment, none other than THE Unit 408 (where we may or may not have had everyone Shazam the song from the premises). Be sure to catch Kat's next live performance at Nashville's The Basement on November 26 where she will co-headline with MOXI artist Misty Mtn.

Stream and Download "Unit 408" HERE and let us know what you think!

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