Visual Tales by Bailee Boyko

July 27, 2018

It’s rare to find a modern artist as meticulously committed to the integrity of her vision as New York-based photographer Bailee Boyko. So much so she went as far to glue bark on her own skin during the self portrait session in this wildly unique photo series. Bailee combines nature and the human body to create ethereal surrealism full of dark whimsy and fairytale-like glamour.


Bailee shares her thoughts on how'd she like the project to be visually digested: “My series is drawn from the desire to translate an evolution of self. Don't think too far into it. In December I picked up my camera after a long hiatus with no expectations of what to achieve only to find myself completely emerged in something new. I began creating with not only the camera, but also by using the materials around me - mainly provided by the beautiful miss mother nature. A lot of the imagery you see involves several different mediums such as paintings, sculptures and collages.”


Discover more of Bailee’s self-described "Visual Tales" here. A tantalizing visual world awaits. 

 Self Portrait by Bailee Boyko 

Emily West by Bailee Boyko  

Andrew Gallivan by Bailee Boyko  

 Andrew Gallivan by Bailee Boyko 

 Becky Yellin by Bailee Boyko 

 Self Portrait by Bailee Boyko

 Self Portrait by Bailee Boyko 


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