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#fashionoverheard cont.

Andrew Gallivan and MOXI first collaborated with their “Take That Body Downtown” event in February where the two brands presented a line of custom merch during a night to celebrate the upward dialogue between music and fashion at Soho Houses’ Ludlow House. Issue Three featured Alice Bell’s profile of the young designer as she observed the artist at work during the MOXI produced editorial shoot.

When two brands, and in the case people, start to push a ball of shared creative passions down the hill, well, there’s no use trying to stop it.

And thus, #fashionoverheard continues.

The second installment taking place in Nashville at the Gulch’s 18 Ewing with help from Sumner Smith Events + Designs, Mary Dea Heldman Photography, Music City Light Beer, and local DJ act Team Disco.

The event followed Andrew’s runway show during Nashville’s Fashion Week, where his designs arguably stole the show. I know we are bias - but we also believe in honesty. And honestly - the show in all meanings of the word - slayed.

Naturally, MOXI’s Wallace Morgan, needed to get her hands on the finale dress when time to attend Nashville’s annual fundraiser The Swan Ball.

And Naturally, Andrew Gallivan went the extra artistic mile in adding rhinestone piping along the silhouette for the event. He also escorted Wallace for the night, where he directed a photo series in polaroid.

The two Nashville bred, New York based entrepreneurs were then featured in The Nashville Scene both online and in print - with Andrew Gallivan scoring a nod in the style notes.

Until their next creative jaunt - check out photos from their ventures below.

Wallace Morgan and Andrew Gallivan at Swan Ball 2018

Andrew Gallivan at Swan Ball 2018

Wallace Morgan at Swan Ball 2018

#fashionoverheard nashville 2018

Alina&Rose at #fashionoverheard nashville 2018

#fashionoverheard nashville 2018

Team Disco #fashionoverheard nashville 2018

#fashionoverheard nashville 2018

Evan Gibbs and Caroline Maloy at #fashionoverheard nashville 2018

#fashionoverheard nashville 2018


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