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  • Wallace Morgan

Nashville Style Bloggers Building a Brand with Brains

Photo by Maria Elekes

MOXI first met fashion gurus Senni Alina and Olivia Rose of style blog Alina&Rose during Nashville Fashion Week in April where the pair zipped around town to after parties and runway shows eloquently juggling an Instagram takeover for Style Blueprint, their own reporting, and the inevitable industry pleasantries, all the while repping show stopping signature looks at every turn.

It's impossible not to notice the pair as they walk into a room, effortlessly demanding attention with their perfectly curated head-to-toe looks. And though their natural glamour alludes the impression they'd have paparazzi chasing them down street corners, it is the attainability of their style, the warmth of their personality, and the smarts of their entrepreneurship that give the dynamic duo an undeniable air of magic.

Photo by Andrea Lindsey

After just a quick morning coffee with Senni and Olivia, both of whom are fiercely impressive well beyond their outward appearances, followed by party hangs during the Andrew Gallivan #fashionoverheard event - it became clear immediately we would all be fast friends and inevitable collaborators.

As they shared their plans to launch a line of custom t-shirts, we put our heads together with our favorite local event planner Sumner Smith Events + Design who helped them cook up a Pop Up shop in partnership with Whites Mercantile (featured in issue three) where they made their merchandising debut.

Check out the photos from the Pop Up above (event photos by Mary Deaton Heldman, editorial shots by Olivia Kelly) as well as a quick Q&A with Senni and Olivia for more info on their blossoming style brand.

Get on this train early people, won’t be long before these two are running the game and dictating trends with their entrepreneurial mindset, mad Mary Kate and Ashley vibes, and casual street sophistication sure to keep them en Vogue (oh wait, that already happened!)


Why did you start Alina&Rose?

Having both grown up in the Northeast, it was a huge step for us moving to Nashville in 2013 to attend Belmont University. It didn’t take us long to bond over a shared love for fashion and styling. In March of 2016 with big hopes and dreams Alina&Rose was born. We wanted to create a platform that not only showcases our closets, but more importantly inspires readers to embrace their personal style. We believe that you can rock any outfit as long as you wear it with confidence and a genuine smile - a pair of kickass shoes doesn’t hurt too! Most importantly, we like to mix in a New York inspired style to the blog, the city where we both first fell in love with fashion and style.

Photo by Maria Elekes, wearing Andrew Gallivan "I Boot NY" T-shirts

Can you tell us a little more about yourselves as individuals?

Senni Alina, the Alina half of Alina&Rose, journeyed from her Northeastern home of Atlantic City, New Jersey to the sweet tea, southern culture of Nashville, Tennessee. She considers her style to be classic, simple, yet sporty and glam! Senni is never afraid to take fashion risks. Her ideal outfit would consist of vintage denim, a band t-shirt and a great pair of heels. Aside from the fashion aspect of Alina&Rose, she enjoys social media strategizing, content curation and feed planning. Senni is an ambitious, loving individual that is genuinely motivated by Nashville’s creative community and could not imagine living anywhere else.

Olivia Rose, the Rose half of Alina&Rose. Ever since she can remember, Olivia has been fashion obsessed and always shopping. With a stylist background, her passions lie in creating looks for the blog. Olivia’s ideal outfit would involve lots of leather and a pair of pumps. She strongly believes the shoes make the outfit. Originally from Connecticut, Olivia moved to Nashville for college and decided she’s never leaving.

Both women are in love with Nashville and everything it has to offer, especially the supportive creative community!

Photo by Kate Gallaher

Tell us about your new line of custom t’s.

Over this past year, Senni & Olivia have been putting all their time and energy into designing and creating stylish products including t-shirts and sweatshirts. Both woman have always wanted to create a product that was authentic to themselves as well as their shared brand. Not too long ago their designs have finally come to life! Their brand encourages you to feel confident in every outfit while fearlessly chasing your dreams.


Photo by Olivia Kelly

We hear you are quite philanthropic, can you tell us about the non-profit you support?

We have chosen to support JDRF by donating 10% of our profits from the "All My Love" t-shirt to this cause. Millions of Americans are living with Type 1 Diabetes including many of our loved ones. Through the “All My Love” t-shirt we hope to bring awareness to this disease that so many people know so little about. You can learn more about this cause at


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