April 20, 2019

The stars have aligned for a cosmic collaboration. Astrologist Alice Bell and MOXI's Misty Mtn join forces for a very special event on April 24 with celestial vision. MOXI founder Wallace Morgan sits down with Alice to glean some insight from the cosmic expert. What she learned was fascinating and inspiring, no matter your chosen philosophy. Whether you 'blame it on the moon' or not, Alice's wisdom is worth the...

July 27, 2018

It's impossible not to notice Alina&Rose as they walk into a room, effortlessly demanding attention with their perfectly curated head-to-toe looks. And though their natural glamour alludes the impression they'd have paparazzi chasing them down street corners, it is the attainability of their style, the warmth of their personality, and the smarts of their entrepreneurship that give the dynamic duo an undeniable air of m...

July 27, 2018

What happens when you pair country road inspired urban streetwear with hip-hop and throw a rapper in the same room as a mens' clothing designer? Turns out - some pretty productive conversation and you guessed it, a MOXI MAG editorial.

24-yr-old female founder of Tallulah PR Ava Tunnicliffe discusses the keys to music PR and gets honest about the highs and lows of running her own gig

July 27, 2018

The Andrew Gallivan and MOXI collab continues ...

March 9, 2018

Andrew Gallivan is a force of fashion nature. Designing (and hand crafting) transformational womenswear for secret girl gang of fierce females who are rocking AG designs off the runway, in her world.

March 9, 2018

Holly Williams is the entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, curator/renovator extraordinaire responsible for Nashville's wildly successful Whites Mercantile - as well as H. Audrey, and Whites Room And Board. An obvious poster child for MOXI MAG's obsession with the intersections of music, fashion, art, & entrepreneurship - we wanted to know Holly's secret. What we found - her indefinable spirit has her thinking of h...

November 17, 2017

Combining artistic vision with a unique business savvy Jessika Doyel gives flowers a second bloom.

LUCY is currently changing the way we consume music, fashion, and art by bridging the gap between making art and making money.

Loote manager Russell Kaplan discusses luck, longevity and the importance of songsss.

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