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  • Wallace Morgan

Welcome to MOXI MAG !!

Welcome to MOXI MAG where creatives collaborate.

At MOXI our core mission is to cultivate and nurture the creative spirit. We seek to set passions in motion and to make vision a reality.

Though MOXI is rooted in the creation and promotion of music, we are lucky enough to encounter and work in partnership with artists of all kinds – writers, producers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, poets, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc.

We’ve seen the power of collaboration first hand and believe the world needs more of it.

With this attitude in mind MOXI MANAGEMENT presents MOXI MAG, an online zine founded on the principle that connecting creative people and sharing art is fruitful work.

MOXI is a network. And MOXI MAG is an outward expression of these relationships - a tangible link in a growing chain of young, tenacious creatives.

We DO NOT wish to be another online blog - updated 10x a day with the purpose of attracting high click through rates. Rather, it is our goal to provide meaningful content and experiences that will engage our audience, will benefit our subjects, and will educate and better equip our readership for their own creative endeavors.

MOXI MAG is meant to be communally created, communally shared, and communally enjoyed. We welcome contributors and are lucky enough to have Leah Nelson, Lisa Morgan, and Pat Robinson as writers in our inaugural issue. We plan to share & enjoy the magazine in experiential ways, first with our launch party featuring music from artists Robbing Johnny, Kyan Palmer, and MOXI MANAGEMENT artist Haley Vassar. The party will be shot by photographer Will Wu, and will welcome special guests Matthew Bernal, Claire Brandon, & Mamie Heldman - all of whom are featured in Issue One.

Each issue is curated to be read as such. The elements of the magazine serve as the parts to a whole, and ever-growing story.

Entrepreneurial Spotlight: an in-depth dive into a bright new biz

A Word With The Manager: artist managers take the stage to tell their

stories and offer industry insight

Artist Spotlight: artist Q&As

Verse: poetry - because the world needs more of it

Behind-The-Scenes: BTS with photographers, videographers, producers, stylists, etc.

In The Studio: behind the lyrics & in session with songwriters

In issue one we encounter a vintage clothing company owner from the Mississippi Delta living in Brooklyn, a Latin American artist manager, a Jamaican American pop singer, an exquisite Southern poet, an Asian American editorial and documentary photographer, and ... Bodega Folk Rock.

[photos by Will Wu, MOXI MAG Launch Party August 17, 2017]

The hope is to connect people in a mutually beneficial way. May we energize one another in our celebration of what has been made and what is still to come. If Issue One incites even a bit of positive momentum in such a direction, MOXI MAG has achieved its design.

Please, enjoy!



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