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  • Wallace Morgan

MOXI MAG Issue Two: Inciting Momentum

Original cover art design, direction, & photography by Sentence for MOXI MAG

MOXI MAG is a brain-child born from the notion that "connecting creative people and sharing art is fruitful work." We operate on the philosophy that collaboration is, inherently, productive - in essence, by nature, by definition.

The quarterly magazine is meant to serve as the outward expression of real relationships - a tangible link in a growing collective. A gallery, if you will, curating unique content for the communion of music, fashion, art, and entrepreneurship.

With Issue One, we defined our hypothesis that collaboration breeds forward motion and incites momentum.

Issue Two now attempts to add a notch of proof to this notion. We seek to accomplish productivity simply by just doing more, together.

More creatives - involved.

More collaborations - executed.

More content - curated.

And more original work - created.

This issue, and this work, is the result of human connections - countless brainstorms, face-to-face coffee meetings, dozens of google docs and group texts, physical resources and time donated, ideas and passions offered free of stipulation, photo shoots, email chains, and the sacrifice of one camera to a bucket of paint (for the sake of ART!! and regeneration, we'll get back to that).

So before we go further into its content, I am honored to recognize its contributors.

I am beyond grateful, and astonished, by the willingness and verve of all those involved in our second issue. Each individual contributed original content to make a NEW creation that serves to celebrate art that already exists (inciting momentum!!).

Contributing Writers:

Alice Bell

Lauren Rogers

Merrill Lee Girardeau

Chris Leamy

Wallace Morgan

Contributing Photographers:

Will Wu

Mamie Heldman

Mekea Larson

Diego Ramos

Paul Barcena

Contributing Video Editor:

Justin Sudberry

Contributing Illustrator:

Mary Dea Heldman

Contributing Editors:

Alex Watt

Lisa B Morgan

Interviewees & Participants:

Russell Kaplan

Emma Lov & Jackson Foote

Jasmine Archie

Jessika Doyel

Charlie Klarsfeld

Nika Blake

MOXI MAG Creative Partners:

Andrew Gallivan



Wallace Morgan

In Issue Two we encounter a diverse group of individuals, projects, and stories ranging from floral mask design, to befriending the homeless community, to creating sound design to accompany a Paris Hilton ad campaign. We explore the subjects of regeneration and sustainability. We attempt to define words like “luck,” “vision,” and “satire.” And we, hopefully, showcase a lot of BOMB art.

Thus, I will stop attempting to describe the issue and will instead, encourage you heavily to READ it. Not for the sake of MOXI, but rather for the art and artists we are so undeserving to showcase on this platform.



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