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Kat Saul "Nick Miller" Release Recap

MOXI artist Kat Saul heads into 2019 fresh off her single "Nick Miller" as she heads towards the release of new music coming at you SOON.

If you know Kat, then you'll know she is a huge 'New Girl' fan and has been for years. Just never knew her fandom would be so handy in the writing room.

While in the studio with co-writers Lucas Arens and Paige Blue, Paige mentioned to Kat that she reminded her of Jessica Day - the main character in 'New Girl' played by Zooey Deschanel. Naturally, Kat went off about her love for the show. She recalls, "We started joking about writing a song about the character Nick Miller and ended up having so much fun with the idea it stuck!"

And 'New Girl' fan or not - it's impossible to disagree - the song "Nick Miller" really does stick.

Filled with quirky lyricism such as lines like "he’s kinda fit with a dad bod it’s ironic" and "style low key like he only shop Dillard’s, I need to find myself a Nick Miller," it's a one-listen ear-worm that will be stuck in your heads for days upon first impact.

Spotify thought so too - adding the song to it's coveted New Music Friday playlist in 9 countries including the US.

Jake Johnson, the actor who plays Nick Miller on FOX’s ‘New Girl,’ felt similarly endorsing the song both on social media and during an interview on the popular podcast series “Anna Faris Is Unqualified.”

Press had similar affection for the song with ISSABOP writing, "Kat Saul’s distinct voice and viable lyricism wrap this 2:27 ditty into a short and sweet super-personal love ballad. We think this one tells more about the world as per the artist than the artist herself. We didn’t know how much we needed a Nick Miller in our life and now all we want to do is find him. #issabop"

Comeherefloyd had this to say:

"It’s unfair, to be honest. The ear-worm effect in Kat Saul's ‘Nick Miller’ is just too strong. It’s hard to resist. You dive, and bubble with the upwards beats. The Nashville based pop artist is sassy, sultry, exciting and most importantly, repeatable."

Other outlets such as No Country For New Nashville, Wonky Sensitive, Musical HeART Beats, and POP SQUAD all added the song to their weekly highlights as well.

Fans got in on the action too uploading various Nick Miller montages on Youtube like these:

It's impossible not to have fun when it comes to Kat Saul's music. It's sparkly, yet inventively deep. She shares her most personal experiences and feelings through the most unexpected lyrics and concepts creating a distinct style that's one-of-a-kind.

Stay tuned for new music, it's right around the corner. And while you wait, be sure to follow Kat on Spotify and Youtube - she's got plenty more where that ^ came from.

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