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  • Reed Jones

Kat Saul "Middle Name" Recap & EP Announce

Kat Saul has hit the ground running in 2019. Headed towards the release of her EP "...from Unit 408" out March 06, Kat dropped her latest single - "Middle Name" - this January.

‘Middle Name’ puts words to the spark that fuels all the bewildering curiosity in a new found relationship. Its words are genuine and sound is going to make you want to dance in the streets with your boo. If you need proof, check out the lyric video right here.

Kat herself comments on the song by saying, “I’m especially excited for this track and for the whole EP, because it’s next level honest, ‘Middle Name’ is straight up about hanging out on the couch with my boyfriend. We had just started dating, still in the honeymoon phase just wanting to get to know each other better. I wrote it with my homies Luke and Paige, and the entire writing process was a ball. We basically just hung out, cuddled with Taco the dog and the words flowed naturally.”

As much as I can tell you that this song is an anthem similar to the likes of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ or Troye Sivan and Ari’s ‘Dance To This’, the press adoration further confirms.

Kat has received some serious heart eyes from Elicit Magazine and B sides and Badlands.

Elicit Magazine lays it out plain and simple by saying, “She’s tapping into the Ariana Grande stratosphere … , and the Pop masses will likely adore her for the sheer bravery in her art.”

B sides and Badlands chimed in with a few euphoric words themselves by noting the undeniable openness in between the lines of the song: “Bending around a hip-hop cadence, express utterances that mimic the rush of a budding romance, Saul bounds down the runway with slick movements and relinquishes every vulnerable part of herself.”

These two observers didn’t only notice Kat’s left of center bop; the release was also drooled over in Vanyaland, Celeb Mix, Pop Justice, iheartmoosiq, EQ Music Blog, among others with features in EUPHORIA, Thread, and The New Nine.

Amazon and Spotify saw what Kat was up to as well. ‘Middle Name’ and Saul herself were Amazon Music's Weekly One artist of the week and song of the day, and Spotify featured the song on both Iceland and Denmark’s New Music Friday playlists.

Kat performed the song while opening for RKCB and Shoffy and then acoustically at an intimate gathering hosted by the Nashville SoFar Sounds. If you happened to miss it don't worry; you still have a chance to see Kat take the stage, full force, March 7th at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville as she debuts her EP "...from Unit 408" available for pre-order now!

For a sneak peak, Fuzzable published an advance review of the EP calling it "phenomenal". Read it HERE to get the inside scoop.

I can only speak for myself, but Kat’s future is something I’m getting comfy with a bowl of popcorn to watch, because it’s about to be absolutely cinematic. If you want to start binging with me, listen to Kat’s music on all streaming sites or watch her kill it on her YouTube channel. New music hitting us in just a few short days!



Photo by Luke Rogers

Amazon Weekly One Photo by Matt Blum

Styling by Jasmine Keithley

Lyric Video by Nekos Barnes

Story by Reed Jones

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