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  • Wallace Morgan

Misty Mtn "Float On" Release Recap & EP Announce

Hot off the press, Misty Mtn announced just last night that their debut EP is officially on its way May 09 with lead single “Silver” coming April 24. The EP's title and artwork are still to be announced, so be sure to keep close tabs on their socials for updates.

As the band put the final touches on the EP hard at work in the studio, they wanted to give fans a little something special as they waited.

On Mach 20, the duo released an ethereal pop cover of Modest Mouse’s original “Float On." Produced in-house showcasing Lucas’ studio prowess with mixing by Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, Salt Cathedral, Charli XCX) and mastering by Evren Göknar (Carole King, Iggy Pop, John Lennon) - it’s a fresh take on a beloved classic.

Longtime fans of Modest Mouse, Misty Mtn first performed their rendition of "Float On" last summer in Vancouver, Canada during an opening set for Rainbow Kitten Surprise. The crowd's overwhelming response made the song an instant staple to the young band's live set. After fielding requests to release a studio version, the band accepted the challenge.

"We spent countless hours listening to the original discussing how to pay homage while offering a new take that was true to the Misty Mtn sound," says Morissa and Lucas. "The original guitar riff is so iconic we really wanted to come up with a synth pattern that felt modern but still had that timeless element."

Both Modest Mouse lead singer Isaac Brock and Misty Mtn lead singer Morissa Trunzo are Montana natives - a connection that furthers the band's love for the original.

"Modest Mouse live at Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, Montana was the first real 'adult' concert I ever went to when I was 17," says Morissa. "It was truly life-changing seeing people from all walks of life, all ages - the community that I grew up in - just LIVING for a band. That experience really showed me the power of a great song."

Misty Mtn's "Float On" landed editorial support from Level, Topsify, iheartmoosiq, Triple HQ, Divine Magazine, Music of the Future, The Deli Mag NY, and 103.3 FM The Trail (where the band called in for a live interview on air), and a coveted spot on the Cover Nation Youtube channel for the live acoustic rendition of the song.

In addition to the studio recording, the band released a live performance video of the cover from their set at the Superlate Showcase hosted at Throne Watches in February.

With the band's first EP in the works for over a year, it's an especially exciting time for the duo as they prepare to share their debut project with the world. To celebrate, Misty Mtn will play a private showcase in New York on April 24, followed by a free rooftop show on April 25 and a Sofar Sounds NYC show April 26. On May 11, Misty Mtn will host a very special EP Release Show at Kinfolk 94 from 5-10pm. More details to be announced. Be sure to catch them live if you find yourself in Brooklyn and stay tuned for their debut EP out on all platforms May 09.

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