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  • Reed Jones

Kat Saul "...from Unit 408" EP Release Recap

There is something inherently special about releasing a body of work. Singles are fast and furious, but an EP breathes life into a 'project' and shows an artist's vision.

Kat Saul presented such with her EP "...from Unit 408" released on March 06.

MOXI intern extraordinaire Reed Jones weights in to recap and review the release.


Detailing the thoughts ruminating from her apartment unit number 408, Kat’s EP “...from Unit 408” is deeply personal while maintaining the punch audiences have come to expect from Saul.

The only true way to usher in music of this caliber is by throwing an exceptional party, and that is exactly what Saul did. To celebrate the milestone, Kat & team put on a packed out show at the Analog in Nashville accompanied by the talented estef and Houston Kendrick. To say it was a night to remember would be doing it an injustice; Saul captivated the audience in a way that not many people are capable of. She performed with an equal amount of strength, spunk, and vulnerability. The room was left awestruck and ready to blare each song on the EP driving home.

The EP encompasses 5 songs of rhythmic and melodic magic that are irresistible. With its release barely a month old, "…from Unit 408" has amassed over 630K streams on Spotify and an array of reverence from press.

The EP has been praised by the likes of No Country For New Nashville, She Makes Music Interview, Elicit Magazine, B Sides & Badlands, EQ Music, Pop Goes The Charts, The Daily Shuffle, That Buzzing Sound, You Rock, Never Change, Wonky Sensitive, Keke Magazine, Dope Cause We Said, Fuzzable, and Gems and Secrets. All equally entranced by the EP, the writers at Poparazzi seem to put it best by saying, “Wait too long and you’ll be accused of being one of the people who jumped on the bandwagon when she eventually blows up and is selling out arenas.” (A statement I stand behind more firmly than my ‘ a cookie a day keeps the doctor away’ life motto.)

Saul stripped back the glitz and performed acoustic sets at SoFar Sounds NYC and iHeart Radio Acoustic Lounge in New York further showcasing her natural ability to do it all - watch HERE. The rapport established during both of these moments was delicate, honest, and raw. Oh, what was that? You said you want to be in on that too? Check out her Popdust interview, and you’ll feel like you've been BFF’s since childhood.

I’m so thankful to have a glimpse of Kat’s heart by way of seeing her perform and working alongside her for the past few months. I said it before, and will say it again; I cannot WAIT to watch her career unfold. *cue lightning bolt strike!*

Keep streaming "...from Unit 408" and be on the look out for Kat's collab with Prince Fox coming at you Friday, April 12.


"...from Unit 408"

CREDITS: Performed by Kat Saul

Written by Kat Saul, Lucas Arens, Megan Redmond, Paige Blue, Dave Villa, Whakaio Taahi

Produced by Lucas Arens, Paige Blue, Dave Villa

Mixed by Lucas Arens, John Rausch, Dave Villa, Whakaio Taahi

Mastered by Evren Göknar, Robert Vosgien, Lucas Arens

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee

A&R by Wallace Morgan

Photography & Graphic Design by Matt Blum, Luke Rogers

Styling by Jasmine Keithley

Tallulah PR



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