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  • Caroline Dedeker

BeautyCounter: Beauty We Can Trust

photos by mamie heldman for MOXI MAG

As MOXI MAG dives deeper into the dialogue of fashion in issue three, we wanted to investigate a topic previously unexplored by our outlet - beauty.

In doing so, we needed someone from our community who we could trust to introduce us to a brand we could feel good about promoting. We succeeded in the form of Beautycounter consultant Caroline Dedeker (West Elm employee, fashion guru & merchandising major, AND dear friend).

Caroline Dedeker is not a sales rep. Caroline is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to educating women about safe, clean beauty products that also happen to be wildly effective. With the help of trusted photographer Mamie Heldman, Caroline walks us through her favorite products and daily beauty routines.


I start with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar or Nourishing Cream Cleanser. Rinsing and drying with a clean washcloth, I immediately apply the Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum. I stop for a couple of minutes to get the coffee brewing. Once the serum dries into my skin, I combine Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion and a Facial Oil (preferably No.1) for intense moisture lasting all day long.


My most prized possession of all my BC products, facial masks. Beautycounter offers three different lines: No. 1 Brightening, No. 2 Plumping, and No. 3 Balancing. I swipe on a mask 2x a week. It’s a ritual allowing time for my face to enjoy a deep cleansing!


I typically wear foundation, blush, mascara, brow pencil, and a highlighter. My current favorites for my base layer: Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer No. 2, Concealer Pen (Light), Tawny/Whisper Blush (that also acts as a nice bronzer). A couple of swipes of Volumizing Mascara, Brow Pencil (brown), and our holiday exclusive white highlighter to finish my everyday glow.


For an evening outing, I like to show off a bit. I use my Ultimate Nudes Palette painting my eyes with soft gold + bronze hues. This palette is everything from smokey to golden to pink to silver with eyeliners too! I finish it off with my favorite nighttime lip: 9 to 5 Lip Sheer. My favorite part.


I started using Beautycounter fall of 2016 and fully immersed myself in sharing the mission a year later. To my surprise, I jumped at the chance to represent Beautycounter as a consultant. Women are saturated with influencers sharing all the secrets, and truthfully I feared my social media feeds becoming an onslaught of messages speaking a far from humble, “look at me!” Rather, the conversations organically escaped my lips as I learned more about how disappointed my friends, women of all ages, were with their skin regimen. We’ve all tried the recommended lines, the heavy chemicals drying out our skin that rob it of natural oils and repair production. I grew weary of my skin’s unhappy story. Beautycounter provides the education, marketing tools, compensation plan, and hands-on mentors across the country leading every step of they way. The “side hustle” I needed for my creativity and a movement worth advocating for generated an enthusiastic force to action. I am empowered to speak up about what we deserve and authentically share WHY it works!




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