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  • Caroline Dedeker & Katie Knell

Rock The Remix: "I Have Nothing To Wear"

As MOXI MAG takes a deeper look into inventive and forward-thinking fashion, we are continually attracted to the ever-important concept of sustainability.

Taking this idea at face value, fashion guru’s Caroline Dedeker and Katie Knell take us through a seemingly obvious, yet often overlooked way to achieve a sustainable lifestyle: the closet remix.


More often than not, I stand in front of my closet packed to the brim. The doors are popping with stripes and solids, flowwy and tight, old and new. The time may be late at night crafting together a casual outfit for work, or a speedy flip-thru for a dinner out. My eyes are fixated on my clothes, but nothing is standing out.

It doesn’t take long before I’m exasperated: “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”

The promotion tab in my inbox is flooded with “Aritzia 50-70% sale” and “Madewell is staying cozy with new sweaters” - the catch phrases that I glaze over while looking for anything that will give me some flare, some new found zest for my closet. Seeing as I can’t teleport to the store, I’m left to my own devices staring at the abundance of clothing that suddenly went from hot off the press to keeping me hardly impressed.

Katie (photographed below) posed this challenge to me at the beginning of the year: what if we shopped our closet? What if rather than saying we need more, we counted our closets as enough and began the search to create from within the most exquisite of looks? Could it be we need to organize? Maybe that dress just needs a good steam?

Maybe…. we just need to treat our clothes like we spent $$ on them.

In light of this challenge, we styled three outfits likely forgotten in your closet. Think pieces that are timeless with a twist!

What to wear when…

You’re feeling saucy. Whether it be for brunch or a Friday night happy-hour, pair a lacy tank adding the perfect pop to a classic leather jacket. Style an edgy pump or flat with straight leg jeans to up the ante. Don’t have metallic in your closet? Try a sleek shoe, rather a pointy toe or bootie that hits the ankle just right. Haven’t purchased a pair of straight leg jeans? Slip into your favorite pair of skinny denim.

What to wear when…

You’re feeling sleek, pulled-together, and timeless. No matter how many times you choose this outfit, all black looks chic and effortless. Shift the vibe with a sneaker: high-tops, Stan Smith, Vans or even those cute Steve Madden slip-ons with the pom-pom? Rather than grab a jean jacket opt for your blazer! The sneaker + blazer combo adds balance -- both professional and playful.

What to wear when…

You’re underestimating bold. Just as easy as slipping into black on black, try styled and refreshed in all-white - an effortless monochromatic outfit for a wondering Saturday or a lazy Sunday. Combine a blousy top with white skinny jeans, or wear my favorite, white flare jeans with a cropped sweater. Katie sported this breezy ensemble with sneakers to keep it comfortable and approachable. She can just as easily throw on those silver pumps for an added punch!

It's a simple, and extraordinary concept - creativity has the power to transform.

If we get creative with pieces we already own, we have the power to style a look we can really OWN.

So stop hating on your closet, and rock the remix.


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