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  • Wallace Morgan

MOXI MAG ISSUE FOUR: A Community of Collaborators

With the arrival of issue four we round out year one of MOXI - MOXI MANAGEMENT and MOXI MAG - having launched in August of 2017, kicking things off with the first of many rowdy live events ;)

Operating with a healthy dose of nerve, MOXI MANAGEMENT established its mission statement as to “cultivate and nurture the creative spirit” while MOXI MAG has served as the brand’s editorial arm showcasing a growing collective of creatives through the communion of music, fashion, art & entrepreneurship.

And as with any new venture, we’ve experienced bouts of turbulence balanced by the constant flow of adrenaline we find through growth. No one ever said it would be easy, if it had been, I think we’d be in bigger trouble. But through our journey thus far, the thing that keeps our wheels turning most remains the age old idea of collaboration.

Issue One stated this concept simply as a philosophy. Issue two sought to “incite momentum” as if to fuel inspiration, and issue three hoped to spark an “upward dialogue” in order to challenge a broader conversation within our growing family.

Now with Issue Four we take a minute to step back and survey the scene. We wanted to zoom out and take a broader look at the purpose the magazine is serving our readers, our contributors, and most importantly the network of artists involved in its digital pages.

As artists and entrepreneurs - musicians, songwriters, producers, managers, publicists, writers, photographers, graphic designers, videographers, painters, poets, clothing designers, stylists, the list goes on - we crave community and we need collaborators at every turn. When left on an island, it’s far too easy to get sucked into the catacombs of the right side of our brains.

With that in mind, we propose a new goal for year two - to transition from a philosophy of collaboration into a tangible community of collaborators. We will use the magazine to showcase these endeavors and to engage a larger audience. In order to support our community more efficiently, the magazine will no longer be published per issue but rather consistently throughout the quarter, creating a free flow of curated content. It is our hope that this community will be inclusive in nature and effective in practice.


Contributing Writers:

Alice Bell

Holly Patton Amagliani

Laura Moxley

Merrill Lee Girardeau

Wallace Morgan

Contributing Photographers:

Andrew Gallivan

Bailee Boyko

Mamie Heldman

Mary Deaton Heldman

Ming Fai Chin

Wallace Morgan

Contributing Stylists:

Olivia Rose

Senni Bloom

Contributing Artists:

Georganna Greene

MOXI MAG Creative Partners:

Andrew Gallivan

Antler & Woods

Dylan St. John


Sumner Smith Events + Design

Tallulah PR


Wallace Morgan

To our contributors/collaborators: Thank you. Thank you. THANK you. MOXI MAG would not exist without each and every one of you. We are beyond grateful for you, your time, your energy, & your creative spirit.


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