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  • Wallace Morgan

MOXI MAG Issue Three: An Upward Dialogue

MOXI MAG exists to celebrate the communion of music, fashion, art & entrepreneurship and to showcase a growing collective of creatives. Sometimes I feel like a broken record singing this idea over and over again, but the more I explore it in actionable form - the more I'm inspired to yell it from my rooftop.

In Issue One we stated our "philosophy of collaboration." For Issue Two we sought to "incite momentum." Now in Issue Three we investigate our ability as creatives to move consistently in a skyward trajectory.

i.e. An "upward dialogue."

Whether it be content creation, curation, or celebration - MOXI never does anything alone. The fruitfulness we continue to see as a result of such mentality probed us to - guess what ? - dig deeper.


I, Wallace, met Andrew Gallivan in the fall of 2017 at the hands of an amazing mutual friend (Eleanor Spruille, Rolling Stone). Though having both grown up in Nashville and attended rival high schools in the small bubble of Belle Meade, Andrew and I had never formally met. Once we did, it took us approximately five minutes to head down a creative tear brainstorming endless possibilities for ways to partner our young brands.

As we explored our ideas, and our creative kinship, we plotted a Spring collaboration to explore the upward dialogue that exists within the intersection of music and fashion. The collaboration, stamped with our beloved #fashionoverheard, would be formalized in four parts: "Take That Body Downtown," limited edition MOXI x AG merchandise, an editorial shoot & feature curated for MOXI MAG, and a Nashville Fashion Week after party to celebrate our collab's culmination.

Throughout the process (sidenote: there's POWER in the process) we uncovered crazy amounts of energy. And if anyone needs energy, creatives do. This energy propelled the dialogue forward, engaging others along the way.

We experienced this most feverishly at "Take That Body Downtown," an artist showcase at Soho House's Ludlow House in New York's Lower East Side where musicians Richie Quake, Chris Leamy, Eighty Ninety, and Haley Vassar performed while Andrew Gallivan designs were displayed among party goers and performs alike.

It was a wildly fun night... but what really made it magic was the shared excitement among its attendees. It's hard to quantify such a thing, but if creative energy could be calculated, that night we tipped the scales.

As a single event, or even a temporary brand collaboration, this experience is far from isolated. #fashionoverheard is purely our case study. And in it, we proved a case for "upward dialogue."

MOXI MAG Issue Three seeks to present the broader conversation.

It's impossible to summarize the sum of this issue's contents, but we can confidently say that the weight of it carries an increased significance.

With Issue Three, MOXI MAG seeks to educate, infatuate, inspire and intrigue in order to spark a dialogue that will exist far beyond our digital pages.

Enjoy. And better yet, enjoy critically. Upward dialogue only exists when both parties of the conversation engage confidently.


Contributing Writers:

Alice Bell

Alex Watt

Bronte Lebo

Caroline Dedeker

Clara Lvoff

Laura Moxley

Lisa B Morgan

Merrill Lee Girardeau

Rebecca Walker

Wallace Morgan

Contributing Photographers:

Bailee Boyko

Mamie Heldman

Mekea Larson

Contributing Stylists:

Andrew Gallivan

Caroline Dedeker

Katie Knell

Contributing Artists:

Cory Basil

Justin Brooks

Contributing Editors:

Lisa B Morgan

Mekea Larson

Wallace Morgan

Interviewees & Participants:

Andrew Gallivan

Eighty Ninety

Holly Williams

Ido Zmishlany

Jessika Doyel

Justin Brooks


Misty Mnt

MOXI MAG Creative Partners:

Andrew Gallivan



Wallace Morgan

To our contributors/collaborators: Thank you. Thank you. THANK you. MOXI MAG would not exist without each and every one of you. We are beyond grateful for you, your time, your energy, & your creative spirit.


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