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  • Alex Watt


In the time that LCD Soundsystem “retired,” the void was filled by thousands of boy fronted bands who had lost their innocence to “All My Friends."

But none who are so in on the joke as the Brooklyn-based pop tour de force

Stylized as 6XU, the duo of Evan Harris (production) and Pat D. Robinson (vox/lyrics) self proclaim that that their “raw pop” thrives within the parameters of “existential dance grooves and millennial bullshit blues.”

With the release of their debut single "Rain Rain Rain," the duo introduces a forthcoming collection of music that will live on 2 EPs Head and Tails, songs they wrote as teenager compiled with songs "they wrote as larger men in their twenties."

"Rain Rain Rain" is one from their high school days. "It's about falling into a deep hole of love," they explain, "and drowning in rain."

It's all a bit arcane. But they know who they are – and they don’t really care if you don’t like them.

Today via MOXI MAG - 6XU share the official visual for "Rain Rain Rain."

Shot and edited by Austin Henderson, the B&W visual companion highlights the band's playful look at the long futility of young love, featuring them on a (never ending) city rooftop, lip synching while performing dexterous leaps over a rooftop that is surely unfortified (displaying their daring).

YET somehow, the Hitchcock vibe,1930s Disney animations and hipster kids of Buschwick choreography achieve a kind of quirky modernism.

Just, don't ask us how.

And the song - well, it’s impossible to stay seated while listening - we double dog dare you. Most songs about precipitation summon an image of someone staring out a window, wondering if their husband will ever return from war. This one conjures up more of a jovial approach to wet weather, celebrating it the way you probably did when you were a kid and weren’t miserable in an open floor plan watching your coworker floss their teeth after eating their tuna sandwich.

6XU will be releasing the Heads and Tails. Catch them at Mercury Lounge in New York this Sunday, February 25 in support of MOXI artist Chris Leamy.

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