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  • Clara Lvoff

SENTENCE. Photography, Punctuated.

For those of you keeping up with MOXI MAG, you may recognize the work of SENTENCE from our cover art in Issue Two. In this issue's behind-the-scenes, we are thrilled to now formally introduce SENTENCE, the photo agency behind the magic.

SENTENCE is the result of collaborating photographers and artists Paul Barcena and Diego Ramos who have teamed up to create a boutique agency focused on commercial and editorial content.

Paul Barcena is a New York-based fine arts photographer, originally from Mexico. Surprisingly, he was first trained in Accounting and Finance, working in that field for about five years before gradually shifting into the arts. His background has proven to be no obstacle, as Barcena has been awarded ICP’s Rita K Hillman Award for Excellence in July, 2016. Similarly, Diego Ramos is a New York-based photographer and visual artist, also originally from Mexico. Ramos has always been involved in the arts. His greatest passion is in capturing the human face, which he attributes to his fascination with geometry. The two individually carry strong resumes having worked on various campaigns and shoots independently, though now working together to build SENTENCE their endeavors are outright impressive.

For Paul and Diego, SENTENCE is described as how two artists with different fortes, life experiences, and approaches come together to create as a team. While they differ both as people and as photographers, they find common ground on shared beliefs on photography. Barcena and Ramos met in 2015, while they were both attending the International Center of Photography. They quickly became friends and began collaborating soon after. They then started working regularly with BRAT, a creative agency based in NYC around the time they were finishing their course work at ICP.

In 2017, they founded SENTENCE. The duo mainly photograph still-life objects and people, with Ramos more interested in beauty, and Barcena more interested in portraiture. A gallery of past projects available via Instagram and the SENTENCE website showcases a diverse range of captivating content, from artistic portraits to tasteful product campaigns.

What has stuck MOXI throughout our collaboration with SENTENCE is their deep passion for their craft and their commitment to detail and to the artistic process. When proposing their vision for the cover art it never once occurred to us that they would physically dump objects in a buckets of paint to achieve the desired image. However, for SENTENCE, this kind of production was a no-brainer. SENTENCE does not create photographs. SENTENCE produces artistic vision in tangible, visual form.

We live in a world that is inundated with "quick-and-easy" quantity content. SENTENCE is not in this business. SENTENCE is in the business of curated, creative, QUALITY content.


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